About Hastings Business Training Uganda

Hastings Business Training was established in 2020 as an independent entity, aligned with Hastings Business Training UK, which evolved from Coleman Isah & Co, Certified Chartered Accountants, based in St Leonards on Sea in East Sussex.

Our training business was originally founded in 1987, and since 2005 has been established as Hastings Business Training. We are a provider of Corporate Strategy training solutions, iincluding courses in Management, Petroleum, Financial/Auditing, Information Technology and Public Sector administration.

Registered Office

We are located at TWED Towers on 8th Floor Wing A 2 Plot 10 Kafu Road Nakasero

Values & Guiding Principles

We are founded on the principle that people, irrespective of their race colour or creed, need to be enabled and developed, if they are to achieve, and deliver the best for themselves, our clients or HBT Uganda. We will act, and be seen to act, always with integrity in all matters, treating all people fairly and with respect.


Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision is Training for Generation and Global Transformation


Deliver affordable internationally accredited/recognised training and consultancy services within Uganda and the rest of East Africa.

Why Train at Hastings Business Training?

Organizations train their staff to increase their competitive advantage in their chosen market. In whichever industry, in whatever skill area, investing in expertise gives an organization the ability to react faster to situations where success is critical to achieving business goals.
In the field of management information systems, the rate of technical development is so fast, and its implications so radical, that training in this area is even more vital than most. Increasingly, technology allows organizations to right size their internal systems and create mission critical computer networks.
Efficient, well-structured and resilient networks are therefore essential to business success, needing internal staff who have the right expertise and experience. This ensures the organisation maximises its return on Information Technology investment which is an extremely valuable asset. Hastings Business Training helps organisations realise these objectives by providing a carefully designed specialised service for management, accountancy, auditing, and computer technology training requirements.
Dedicated to delivering total customer satisfaction, Hastings Business Training has constantly developed and refined its training programmes to ensure that it is at the forefront in its field of expertise, providing excellent quality and value to customers.


Plot 10, Kafu Road 8th Floor,
Wing A2, Twed Towers - Nakasero