Faith Ahabyoona

Faith Ahabyoona
Faith AhabyoonaHead, Marketing and

Faith M Ahabyoona is the Head, Marketing and Communications at Hastings Business Training, Uganda (HBT). She holds a 15-year experience in management, marketing, training, strategy development and implementation, business development and entrepreneurial background. This experience was acquired from her previous roles in Consultancy, Research Engagements and Institutions of Higher Learning in Uganda and Africa.

Faith is here to support HBT “infuse new life that will not interrupt but attract and empower enterprises with a skills freshness for the 21st Century”

In terms of Education, Faith is completing a Doctor of Philosophy in Management, holds a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (First Class).  Her interests are adding value to the world so that the forthcoming generation has a great start.;


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