Hastings Business Training offers the following trainings

Oil and Gas Governance and Management Training

The Oil and Gas industry has seen many changes in the last few years, with a down-turn in the market prices, bring major re-structures and high down-sizing or organisations. With the challenges currently being faced, it is vital that Oil and Gas professionals recognize the need of a comprehensive and adaptability of skills to meet this new world of the Oil and Gas industry, including economics, evaluation and decision-making skills.

Delivered by world-leading experts in their fields, our exciting range of Oil and Gas courses feature innovative, world-class, leading-edge techniques to help you, your team and your organization excel in today's challenging business environment.

Corporate, Executive and Management

For the Executives looking to build upon their current base of knowledge, individual courses can be a great method of doing so. In most cases, courses are available in virtually every area of study, from business pursuits to those involved in aviation. Courses can be taken independently, or coupled with a larger academic schedule, and lengths can vary accordingly.

What is a course in Executive Programs? Business executives interested in serving high-profile management roles after graduation can gain the necessary knowledge through courses focusing on Executive Programs. Coursework will feature many important topics, such as dependable management strategies, as well as illustrating the key characteristics necessary for a leadership role.

Serving a high-level management position takes a certain skill set. While these skills are integral to such management roles, they can also be highly beneficial to other facets of corporate work. Leadership abilities are valued in every field and can help students achieve success in a variety of circumstances.

Those pursuing coursework in Executive Programs will find an abundance of career opportunities upon graduation. Management positions are available in every industry, from governmental jobs to those existing in the private sector. Graduates can pursue careers as CEOs, CFOs, and other integral management positions at a variety of companies. Because these roles are so vital, those holding such training will be in high demand all over the corporate world.

Financial Management

Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise. It means applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise.

Sound financial management is vital for the success of any business or organization. This ten-day course aims at assisting non-finance managers to contribute more effectively to the success of their organizations through greater understanding of the fundamentals of how money works in an organization/business

Health and Safety Management

At Hastings Business Training, we deliver Training on Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) in Uganda that enables workplaces reduce illnesses or injuries caused by working conditions. This training provides a clear understanding to Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) widely neglected in many African countries, where industrial activity has increased, but the health and safety of workers is scarcely tackled.

By the end of the training programme, your staff are able to understand the interaction between the actors within occupational health, including employers, workers, health & safety staffs and the government. After the course, you will understand the basic concepts of occupational safety & health, tasks and structure of occupational safety & health services, risk factors for illness and injuries at workplaces, the major occupational diseases, the association between workplace exposure and health effects; and the main steps in preventing exposure to health hazards in the working environment.

HBT works with you to develop an OSH Policy, set OSH Objectives and Targets, form a committee responsible for Health & safety and prepare an OSH Manual that will guide the organization have its own capability assessment. In addition, we can also prepare Workplace Assessment/Inspection Checklist and a corrective action plan that captures Recommendations (Identified Hazards / OSH System Deficiencies)

Project Planning and Management

Project management is a very important skill-set for many careers and is desirable in many workplaces. Our Project Management training is an ideal starting point if you need to manage projects at work or individually, even when you are not necessarily a formally trained project expert. If your organization is considering taking on different projects in the near future, they may have to learn and apply essential project management knowledge and skills as may be demonstrated during this unique training program. We shall ensure that the participants learn how to plan, scope, schedule, cost & manage projects from beginning to end.

Explore a multidisciplinary perspective of project planning and management, as we cover fundamental tools and techniques for managing a broad range of projects. During this training program, you will learn about the project management life cycle from initiation to closing and the use of methods, tools & techniques for the initiation, planning, execution, and closing of projects. The course will be approached dividing the different topics to follow the project life cycle phases.

Project Initiation

The facilitator will guide the participants to review projects in organizations, project selection models, the project manager’s role and project organization structures to better understand how a project comes into existence (initiation).

The Project-Planning Phase

This is an opportunity to learn how to build a complete project management plan covering the key aspects like risk, quality, scope, schedule, cost, time, resource as well as communications.

Project Execution

Third, we will look at the project execution phase. We will learn the monitoring and control of a project including earned value analysis and project reporting. We shall use different case studies and practical examples to help our delegates understand the correct actions for a project manager to take to keep a project in control.

Project Closing Phase

Finally, we will cover the project closing phase, where we discuss the tasks to complete an effective project closure.


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