Human Resource Management Consultancy

We at HBT believe that the key to business success is ensuring the right employees are employed and are correctly motivated, rewarded, and are clearly aware of their contribution to a company’s business strategy and success. We offer companies Human Resource support that ensures employees are working in line with the company’s objectives, are in jobs that are appropriate to their skills, and, above all, are rightly rewarded. This is done through offering expertise in HR facets that include;

  • Staff Recruitment & Selection
  • Executive Search Recruitment
  • Manpower Services

Payroll Management & Benefits Outsourcing

It is a smart HR practice that involves contracting HBT to administer your organization's payroll. Our process includes:

  • Calculation of gross pay
  • Disbursement of net pay with accurate third-party deductions
  • Generating electronic or hardcopy pay slips
  • Making deposits to relevant employee bank and / or mobile money accounts
  • Producing payroll reconciliation reports
  • Filing URA PAYE returns, NSSF contributions and KCCA Local Service Tax
  • Making third-party payments including medical insurance, pension administration and garnishments
  • Managing the statutory regulatory relationships

The three types of payroll services we offer are:

  • Executive Payroll
  • Non-Executive Payroll
  • General Payroll

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll administration include:

Increased productivity - by letting us take care of your payroll administrative burden, you are able to focus on the core activities that grow your business

Confidentiality - by processing your payroll offsite, confidential information is safeguarded

Accuracy - by outsourcing your payroll to us, you benefit from a quality assurance process that guarantees data integrity

Speed - by letting us process your payroll, you benefit from fast turnaround times delivered by a team of dedicated payroll experts

Security - when you outsource your payroll to us, your payroll data is safely backed up on an offsite encrypted and disaster recovery system

Hassle-free - by processing your payroll with us, we manage your regulatory relationships with the statutory authorities

Accountability - by letting us process your payroll, you benefit from a variety of tailor made management payroll reports

Cost effectiveness - by outsourcing your payroll to us, your payroll joins a stable of other payrolls and you become a beneficiary of our economies of scale.

  • Employee Risk Assessment
  • Pre- Employment
  • Basic Screening
  • Comprehensive Screening
  • Training & Personal Development
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Lasting Relationships


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